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Schengen Visa Service

             Schengen visa service is available with countries in Europe as member of Schengen visa, is suitable for person who travel to many countries continuous in one trip, popular in tourist group and application visa as single or multiple trip, not over 3-6 months, starting from first date of travel to Schengen countries.

            Schengen Visa Service has total 25 countries such as French, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherland, Spain, Belgium, Republic of Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovak, Slovenia, Sweden and other three countries outside Union of Europe such as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.


             Application visa for Schengen tourist not waste time to application because if you have Schengen visa you are able to entry all countries as member of Schengen countries group, application visa at embassy of country for travel as first country, for example, if travel to Italy-Swiss-French must application Schengen visa at Italy.

บริการ วีซ่าท่องเทียวเชงเก้น

Schengen visa has 3 types

          • Short-term visa (“C”) this visa is issued for 1 or 2 times or multiple, period of approval stay is different but not over 3 months during 6 months.

             • Entry visa (“B”) this visa will issue to person who entry any Schengen countries or more than one country prior travel to the third country. This visa is issue for travel 1 or 2 times or more than in special case. Therefore, period of each pass through travel must not over 5 days.

รับทำวีซ่า ประเทศเชงเก้น

            • Visa of change plane at airport (“A”) person from outside some Schengen countries is required to travel by plane to third country and required to change plane in Schengen zone must application visa for change plane at airport. Therefore, citizen from countries is non-member of Schengen must use same three types of visa.

              Fee of visa:  Fee of application visa will changing every month as international currency exchange, please check correctly fee of your visa type in date of application visa.

             Remark : Person who bearing blue passport of government officer is able to stay in Sweden and some other countries in Union of Europe for 90 days without application visa.



          Schengen visa
                  • Passport has over 6 months and blank page at least 3 pages and old passport (if any).
                     • Color photo, back is white size 2’’ or 2’’ for 2 photos, take photo not over 6 months, light color background or white.
                     • Copy of house registration /copy of identification card/copy of government officer card/copy of change name-surname, certificate of divorce and certificate of marriage must original/copy of birth certificate.
                     • Work history
                              – Certificate of work (English) specify position, salary, age of work and leave day or
                              – Registration business or commerce registration or
                              – Certificate from education institute (English)
                     • Finance evidence: Copy of retrospect deposit account 3 months
                     • Medical Insurance, sum insured 1,500,000 baht
                     • Evidence of reservation/hotel
                     • Plane ticket (**Not purchase prior received visa**)
                     • For person who has age lower than complete 18 years old, single travel or travel with other not father-mother or guardian must have letter of consent from father-mother or guardian.
                     • Visa form: Complete fill in and signature for 1 copy

         Being consideration visa embassy may be check data or facts of applicant without notify.

             Moreover, visa service center we are service for visa of betrothed, work, student and others including service of document preparation, consulting problem after denied visa. If required more detail or assistant please directly contact at



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          เวลารับ : 14.00 น. – 15.30 น.

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