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Service of visa application

              To be of service for visa consultant, service of visa application in the whole processes covering overall pats. Such as visa consultant, filling application form and submitting visa application form whether type of visitor visa, fiancée visa, marriage visa, student visa, work visa and etc. With high experience team in immigration law and operation for visa approval and to fulfill any desires of foreigners wanting to marry, work, holiday or retire in Thailand. We are ready to response clients with efficiency and sincerity.
Service Visa - ขอVISAService Visa - ทำVISAService Visa - รับทำวีซ่าธุรกิจService Visa - รับทำวีซ่า

              Visa service, we are professional and high experiences teams in visa application more than 10 years guaranteed by many successes or visa approvals from many countries. Candovisa is the company offering full service of visa application by assisting you in all processes since the first to the last for your visa approval. Whether giving suggestion, preparation of documents for submission, filling application form correctly of all embassies, making an appointment, interview rehearsal, along with professional staffs in immigration law of many countries for better and faster of visa approval.

                           • Service of UK visa
                           • USA
                           • Australia
                           • Visa for Schengen countries and etc.
                           • Marriage visa, fiancée visa (guarantee result 100%)
                           • Service for visitor visa, tourist, student, work or in all kinds (guarantee result 100%).
                           • Service of temporary stay visa to all countries (tourism)
                           • Service for permanent stay visa to all countries (marriage registration, fiancee, mother’s dependant).
                           • Service for staying in Thailand of a foreigner
                           • Work permit for a foreigner, application for work permit
                           • Filling application form in all kinds

Tourist Visa
Tourist Visa - รับทำวีซ่าท่องเที่ยว              a tourist visa is a short time visa, by having objective to travel in such countries upon demands but it is prohibited to work. However, just in case of work, may you apply for a work visa upon category provided by embassies.

             For an application with sponsor or a person paying expenses who is a foreigner whether they are relatives or boyfriend/girlfriend should be better than an unemployed person and apply the same type of visa.Because they do not have evidence or documents to verify their credibility to Embassy officer.

             We are servicing for a tourist visa, and a migration agent to submit for a visa to worldwide whether in USA, Australia, and Asia with professional team since process of document preparation for submission until visa’s issuance for whom wanting to travel but not having enough time to contact embassies and deal with many processes and to prepare documents and also being suitable for whom wanting guarantee.

Work Visa       Work visa ( visa 1 year),
             a foreigner needs to work in Thailand must have a license for a year. Making a work permit license can work up to 1 year by having processes as follows;
Work Visa - รับทำวีซ่าทำงาน             1. Immigration Non-B, you can apply such a kind of visa at Thai embassy in abroad or a foreigner already travelled to Thailand but not yet applying for Non-B visa can change a type of visa at Immigration Bureau, Chang Watthana Road. Or in case of a marriage visa (Non-O- Immigrant visa) can also apply for a work permit. Immigrant Visa Non-B can stay in Thailand up to 3 months but if wanting to stay up to 1 year can only apply at Thai embassy in abroad. But Non-B valid up to 1 year must leave Thailand in every 3 months as disadvantage point.
              2. After that, filing for work permit as it can be granted up to 1 year but valid up to 3 months. If a foreigner wanting to work for 1 year must file an application for a year visa. The condition of visa application and work permit, its company must have registered capital paid already of 2 million baht in the ratio of 4 local staffs per 1 foreign staff.
             Process of 1 year visa, when a foreigner getting non-immigrant B visa and entering Thailand may apply for a work permit at the last valid month of its non-immigrant B visa, such a foreigner may fail to apply for a social security card together with individual income tax form PND.1 in order to extend a visa for 1 year due to submission of a juristic person’s income tax in advance of 1 month ( if not having work permit is not able to pay basic salary to such a foreigner).

Marriage visa

Marriage Visa - รับทำวีซ่าแต่งงาน             a foreigner wanting to stay in Thailand by getting married with Thai wife can apply for Non-O visa at Thai embassies in abroad by using marriage registration papers and having deposit in bank amounting 400,000 Baht or a minimum salary 40,000 Baht, when entering Thailand already, a foreigner can stay up to 3 months but if wanting to stay up to 1 year can apply at Thai immigration bureau at nearby areas or already holding Non-O visa can change a kind of visa at Thai immigration bureau then apply for a year visa.

Student visa

Student Visa - รับทำวีซ่านักเรียน             if a foreigner enters to Thailand wants to study further in Thailand can apply Non-ED visa at Thai immigration bureau. If staying in abroad can file an application at Thai embassy in such a country for visa valid up to 3 months. If wanting to apply for a year visa can file at related education institution for a certification letter of visa application and then apply further at Thai immigration bureau for 1 year visa.

Thai visa

             in case of a foreigner enters to Thailand for retirement must be in age of 55 years can apply for Non-O visa by showing deposit in last 3 months. Whether a deposit or a pension income is not less than 800,000 Baht or a certificate confirming its income or pension (original issue) in each month not less than 65,000 Baht since the filed date. A foreigner who wanting to apply for a Non O-A in class of stay in Thailand (long stay) can file an application at any Thai embassies in its own country. In case of wanting to escort its spouse to Thailand, but its spouse is not yet qualified to apply for a visa O-A (long stay) can show their marriage certificate and then its spouse can get a temporary stay visa code “O” for staying 3

Period of visa application.

Translation, linguistic service

Frequent questions.


              Period of visa application in
      country: It takes different time,
      in most cases, 30 days or less,
      by dividing the visa into 3 types;

                 Temporary visa.
                 Permanent visa.
                 Yearly visa.
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รับแปลเอกสาร แปลภาษา

       Candovisa Translation Center develops the
quality checking system from the method of
work acceptance until the final checking
to ensure that the translation
work we deliver to our customer is most
accurate with the original.

       The translation service, One Call Service,
is the simple procedure..

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ขอ visa

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